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Designing for Double-Sided Mugs

Now it’s your turn

Start designing and uploading for mugs. If you need a hand, consult this lovely little FAQ.

Once you’ve created a double-sided design, be sure to share your mug in the comments below.

Adding double-sided designs to standard and tall mugs is a great way to add a unique touch and give your buyers something extra while they’re enjoying their morning coffees.  In order to make double-sided designs, you’ll need to assemble the design in your image editor of choice. To make this even easier here’s a custom template to help you out.

We’ve added some notes to the template that will help you align your objects. If you’re using Photoshop use CMD+; (Ctrl +; on pc) to hide and show the guides. Simply create two new layers and place the two objects on each side of the mug.


"Lady In Mask" by Tatyana Binovskaya

Expert Option

In the uploader, designs are applied to both the standard and tall mugs simultaneously. In our template the two grey bars on the top and bottom show areas only viewable in the tall mugs. While this may cut off portions of your designs in one mug, you can plan ahead and create some hidden artwork that will only show up in the tall version. With this method, both mugs still look amazing but now your buyers have a choice for each mug style.


"Treats and Sweets" by Katie Crumpton

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