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Designing Eye Catching Cover Photos

In the short time that cover photos have been added as a new feature, artist profiles have been lighting up with big beautiful works of art. It’s put a constant smile on our faces. We wanted to highlight a few that we found eye catching, and quite dashing on mobile devices as well.

The cover photos are a generous 2400px x 600px in size, but keep in mind when you view your profile on a mobile device the outermost area of the design is not in view. You might have also noticed that your avatar repositions itself to the middle of the screen. This is helpful as it makes the mobile viewing experience easier, but might require a little bit of adjustment so nothing important gets hidden from view. To make the process of designing cover photos easier, and taking the guesswork out of what areas will be hidden or not, we have a nifty template to help you. Keep in mind, we still think it’s a good idea to check your profile out on a mobile device.

Download the cover photo template right here.

Now, here are a few examples in desktop version: 

Mobile version: 

Show us your mobile ready cover photos in the comments below.

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