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Artist Updates: New Profile Cover Photos & Thank You Message

We want your experience at Redbubble to be the best thing that’s ever happened anywhere. There. We said it. That’s why we’re constantly adding new features and improvements. Two recent updates will help make your interactions with customers more engaging, personal, and uniquely you.

Profile Cover Photos

Due to popular demand, we have added a new cover photo feature to our artist profiles. This is a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression, and further tell your story while ensuring your profile reflects your individual creative style. Your cover image could feature an individual artwork, a collage featuring a variety of works, or even a snazzy shot of your studio.

To add a cover image, visit your profile to upload a 2400 px wide by 600 px high image, to remove it click the ‘Edit’ link. And don’t forget your mobile fans when designing your cover photo. Check out your profile in your mobile device to see how it looks. Here is an example of the cover photo in action with resident artist Miss Katz.

Updates to Custom Thank You Message

One of the many ways you can connect with your buyers is through the thank you feature that appears after they purchase some of your work. We’re excited to announce that our thank you page has now been given a cleaner design and a new layout. We also know how important it is to receive great feedback on your art, so now even non-logged in buyers have the option to send a thank you message as well.

Along with these new design changes, we want to make your conversations with buyers even easier. You can now start the conversation with a custom pre-set message for your buyers. To see this feature in action, our resident artist Jose Ochoa has updated his message to encourage feedback. The buyer can reply, and if they choose to continue the conversation, it will carry on through Bubblemail.

You can add your own custom thank you message to your Account Details here: http://www.redbubble.com/account/promote

Show us your new cover photo by linking your profile in the comments below.

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