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Get Paid Faster on Redbubble

We stand for artists, but we won’t stand for slow payments. Redbubble has dropped the payment threshold to zero, which means you get money faster and more regularly.

Previously, you had to make at least $20 in sales to get paid. Now you’ll be rolling in dough on the 15th of every month, no matter how much you make. Well, not actual dough. But you can buy dough to roll in if you want. You’ve earned it.

In fact, we’re going to be paying out over $1.2m to over 130,000 artists who normally wouldn’t have been paid due the payment threshold. Pretty sweet.

"Piggy Bank" by master-chief

To make sure you receive any accrued funds, check out your Payment Details info. We can only send money to verified PayPal accounts or to US, UK, or Australian bank accounts. Also, checks are no longer available as a payment method.

You can see your earnings and sales by visiting Payment History and Sales History.

If you run into any issues or have questions, feel free to drop us a line.

It’s the perfect time to add more work to your shop. Think about how your stuff will look across a bunch of products. The more ways your fans can buy, the more money you earn, the more dough you can roll in.

Here are a few ways you can increase sales:

  1. We’ve added a pre-release feature to your shops that allows you to add work to products before they launch to customers. Now you can promote as soon as the products go live on the site.
  2. Adjust your profiles and shops to make yourselves into lean, mean, art-selling machines by following these 5 tips.
  3. Follow @redbubblecreate on Instagram and this very blog for lots of selling tips, inspiration, and more goodness. We’ve got your backs.

Visit our Help Center for more info.

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