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Introducing the New A-Line Dress: Add Your Work Now

Update: The A-Line Dress is now available for purchase. Start promoting. 

We’re very excited to announce the A-Line Dress, the first all-over printed product available on the Redbubble marketplace. The A-Line dress is a simple loose-fitting trapeze dress constructed of two all-over printed panels. This allows for a large canvas to showcase your work and really gives you new opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible with your art.


Featured: "SO LUSCIOUS" by Barbarian

Made from lightweight, silky, woven polyester fabric, the A-Line Dress can be worn to events that require either casual or fancy-pants attire. Well, not actual fancy PANTS, per se. It is a dress after all. But you get the drift.

Some full-bleed printed products like graphic t-shirt dresses and contrast tanks are currently available, which is super cool, but the A-Line Dress is a bit different. This thing allows you to add work that covers the entire dress. Just upload one image and we will duplicate it for the back panel.

This style makes for a great canvas to showcase your artwork and has a loose and flowy fit to suit customers from all over the world.

As we’ve done for the past couple of product launches, we’re giving you the chance to add new work or update existing work for the A-Line Dress before it launches to customers, so you’ll be ready to start promoting the second we hit GO on the big red button that launches stuff onto our site. [Update: We hit GO!]

Duvet Cover images are large enough to use on the A-Line Dress, but because the garment pattern is very different we’ve only migrated “pattern” style images. The theory is that in most cases, the artwork still works quite well for the trapeze shaped garment. If you want, you can disable or adjust these designs by visiting your portfolios.

The A-Line Dress is now available in the Manage Portfolio sections of your shops


  1. Images must be 6310 × 6230 pixels and high res. Here’s a template to get your started.
  2. The A-Line Dress, apart from being quite flattering on pretty much everybody, is basically one giant blank canvas for artists, designers, and photographers, so keep in mind the fall, flow, and movement of the dress when finding inspiration.
  3. This style is almost like a triangle so a lot of your artwork will be cut off at the top of the garment. Keep this in mind when deciding which artworks to enable or think about ways in which you could alter your works to best suit this pattern shape.
  4. Mind the possible unintentional white or blank spaces that could appear when you add your designs. Make sure your artwork fills up the entire available area (beyond the dotted lines) in the dress template (pictured below) with your designs.
  5. As with our other new women’s apparel products, themes like floral, paisley, animal prints patterns, and stripes are popular for this new product, so give these a go.

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