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Graphic T-shirt Dresses are Here

Graphic T-shirt Dresses have landed. We told you they were coming, so hopefully you prepped and added your works, because now’s the time to get out there and promote the heck out of these things.

The Graphic T-shirt dress features a full-bleed print across the front panel, with a solid black back panel and sleeves. The front is made from 96% Polyester / 4% Elastane. The back panel and sleeves are made from 100% cotton jersey.

This product is big step in the women’s fashion options that are available on the Redbubble marketplace. You can reach a whole new audience, make more sales, and earn some bucks.

You can head here to add your work for the Graphic T-shirt Dress. But first check out the tips below. We previously shared these, but we think they’re worth another look, since these dresses are now good to go.

Click here to add your work

7 tips for achieving glorious Graphic T-shirt Dress success

  1. Images must be 4020 × 6090 pixels and high-res.
  2. Fill the ENTIRE space on the front panel. You don’t want empty black or white space around your artwork. If your design doesn’t fit, consider tiling or making it a repeat pattern.
  3. Make sure you mind the neck and arm holes when you add your work because portions of your designs and photos will be cut off.
  4. Rethink your work for this dress. Spread your wings, be creative, try new things. Perhaps think about your work as apparel rather than a work that would hang on wall or live on a phone case. Ask yourself: “What would this look like walking down the street?” If the answer doesn’t conjure visions of terrifying art creatures wandering the world, you’re on the right track.
  5. Research robots tell us that themes such as floral, paisley, animal prints patterns, and stripes are trending for this item, so if you have similar themes in your works (or are looking for inspiration) give these a shot.
  6. Make sure to tag your works correctly so that you have more chance of being found.
  7. Download this handy Photoshop template for a hand.
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