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Featured Artist: youdesignme

"Consistency is the right term I think. No matter in what direction you move as an artist, it's important to keep going."

Youdesignme, is a Berlin-based freelance illustrator and interior architect. She has a passion for beautifully vibrant watercolors and pencils. Employing a palette reminiscent of the 1960s, she’s inspired by the beauty of femme fatales and fashion illustration. She took the time to speak to us about her drawings and career as an illustrator.

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Featured artist youdesignme with her "rose" Throw Pillow

Why did you become an illustrator?

Before I started studying interior design I worked for an artist for a while. Until this day I hear his sentences in my ear, especially when I feel like a draft is not what it’s supposed to be. Since then drawing accompanies me even more.

Your creations are often influenced by classic cinema. What do you like about them so much?

Most of all I like the fashion and the elegance of the female characters. That somehow got lost a little bit. Old movies are not as fast moving, there is time for close-up shots, no fear for silence. I watch my favorite movies again and again.

Do you have other sources of inspiration?

I think I get influenced by more than I’m aware of. In retrospect I noticed that my drawing “Bobbie” was influenced by one of my colleagues.

I like the work “Around Me 2” a lot. Can you tell us more about it?

The “Around Me” series is probably the most personal illustration. It’s about having things under control and at the same time letting them go. At the same time it’s my first series. Red is normally not the color palette I use.

What was the most important moment for you as an artist?

I’d rather still wait for that. When I give away a drawing and someone is happy than that makes me happy as well. My first contract as illustrator was of course a very emotional and great moment.

"Around Me 2" Samsung Galaxy Case

If you met someone who is at the beginning of their artistic career, what would be your advice?

Consistency is the right term I think. No matter in what direction you move as an artist, it’s important to keep going. You won’t find “your stroke” with the first drawing. When I compare my drawings from today with those from three years ago I barely recognize them as mine. Over time my style has thickened and formed without me consciously doing anything or thinking about it. At some point the hand lead the pencil on its own, my view has changed, my perception and my thinking. The longer and more persistent you do something the more it influences you and vice versa. And fun is obviously important as well!

"peacock" Chiffon Top

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