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Featured Artist: misskatz

“I get my ideas from very different sources. Often it’s music, the vibe in a song or a line of text that I try to transform graphically.”

Artist misskatz is a German artist who is at the beginning of her artistic career. Misskatz is a professional illustrator and graphic designer with a special affinity towards portraits of young women which are inspired by art nouveau and surrealist movements. With a beautiful palette of dreamy pinks and blush purples, misskatz has a growing portfolio of unique and intimate portraits.

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Featured Artist misskatz

Where do you get your ideas from?

I get my ideas from very different sources. Often it’s music, the vibe in a song or a line of text, that I try to transform graphically. Sometimes I see interesting people or things in everyday life that excite me and other times I have simply pictures in my head that I absolutely need to execute. That’s almost like a compulsion, but in a good way.

What are your biggest artistic influences?

Art Nouveau and surrealism. Specifically Gustav Klimt, Max Ernst, Frida Kahlo, and Man Ray.

What is your creative process?

First I have a rough idea that I draft once or more (most of the time very ugly) until I like something. When I draw a portrait I look for a photo reference for orientation and start with the coloring. Generally I try until something comes out of it. That can take a while sometimes.

I like the work “Queen II” a lot. Can you tell us more about that piece?

I drew the Queen for the Redbubble Art Party! I saw a picture of the bottom half of an electric pole that reflects in the water and thought that it looked like a crown. Coincidentally I already drew a girl with a crown a few weeks ago that’s why I picked a matching color palette and now both belong together.

“Queen II” from Redbubble Art Party [Photo by @chaniquaa / Artwork by misskatz]

What was the most important moment for you in your development as an artist?

When my cousin showed me anime” and manga. I used to love “Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne” and “Sailor Moon.” My cousin was a great designer herself and taught me how to draw in that manga style. From there on I saw drawing as my biggest hobby. Without Jeanne and Usagi I probably wouldn’t have been so persistent.

How long do you need to finish a work?

Most of the time between six and ten hours, but sometimes I need several attempts until I’m satisfied. That takes days.

REAL by misskatz

If you met someone who is at the beginning of their artistic career, what would be your advice?

I’m at the beginning of my career myself, therefore I’m not sure if I’m qualified to answer that but I will try. I would say that it’s important to look at your own works realistically. A lot of great artists (myself included) are very humble about their work even though there is so much work and lifeblood involved. This is a real shame because you degrade your own work that way. However, it’s also important to stay down-to-earth and see where you can improve. You have to be ready to work on yourself and dare to produce the biggest crap.

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