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10 Things to Distract You from the American Election

There’s no escaping it. No matter where you turn, the US election has weaseled its way into every facet of our daily lives and we’re pretty tired of it. Yes, it’s important. Yes, you should vote. Yes, the future of humanity might depend on it. Yes, to all of this.

But we all need a break, don’t we?

So in the spirit of sanity, we found a few things to distract you from the haircuts, the email scandals, the superdelegates, and the rest of it. Whether you’re residing in America-land or not, we hope these can remind you of better things and brighter days.

1. Plan your trip to Canada, or New Zealand, or Italy, or Norway, or Brazil… on your newly skinned laptop.

"universe" laptop skin by France Manxiaux

2. Turn off CNN and sip some warm, calming, chai tea.

the fly (night) by Freshinkstain

3. Escape the debates by building a pillow fort. A really zen pillow fort.

"Mandala Sloth" by Theysaurus

4. Instead of building walls, decorate walls. (We have some artwork for that).

"Globes" framed print by Linsey Walker

5. Imagine cool, calming ocean noises while you snuggle under this duvet cover. Also great for the aforementioned pillow fort.

"Pacific Ocean" by Leah Flores

6. Let this sunset iPhone case take you to a happier place.

"Road at sunset" by Salvatore Russolillo

7. This freedom-flavored travel mug can accompany you on some adventures. Adventures that take you away from politicians, and closer to beaches.

"the Long Road at Night" by Jenny Tiffany

8. Plot your own world domination in this hardcover journal.

"Home" Hardcover Journal by Ruta

9. Is election-mania still too close? Eat your feelings, then pack your bags and escape it with this drawstring bag.

"Twin Cone Pattern - Teal" drawstring bag by Kelly Gilleran

10. And finally, put on this graphic tee and daydream of some places that are far, far, far, far away.

"Daydream" Graphic T-Shirt by djunotomsni

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