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New Framed Print Color Options are Now Available

Good news for those of you in the business of framing your prints for various crimes. Or just making sure your art looks really cool on walls. Either way you can now choose default colors for the frames on your Framed Prints. We’ve got four options: white, mocha, black, or natural. Depending on your work, you can decide which color suits it best and presents it in the best way to your customers. They will still be able to pick the color of their choice when they purchase the print, but if your default color setting compliments the work, it will definitely help them take the plunge.

Set a default frame color

  • Jump to Manage Portfolio. Click the gear button and hit EDIT.
  • Click EDIT on the work you’ve enabled for Prints, Cards and Posters (number 1 in the image below)
  • Click on the Availability & Markup tab (number 2 in the image below)

  • Enable the Framed Prints checkbox and click Default (number 3 above). Choose the color you want from the drop down menu in the Framed Prints Defaults options. Click Apply Changes and you’re good to go.

Preview the thumbnail color options

After setting your default color for your framed prints, head to the shop page for the product you just worked on and check out our new frame color thumbnail previews. Now you can get a look at how your fans will see how your artworks will look with different color options.

Preview your frame color options [Featured image: "Jesus And Devil Playing Video Games Pixel Art" by obinsun]