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Add Your Work for the Contrast Tank and Graphic T-shirt Dress

The product train keeps on rolling with two new additions to the women’s line of apparel available on the Redbubble marketplace: the Contrast Tank and the Graphic T-shirt Dress. You can now add work for both using the handy-dandy pre-release tool in your shops in advance of their launches (coming soon, we’ll let you know). In case you don’t know, we’ve added a feature to the Manage Portfolio section of your shops that allows you to add work to products before they’re available for sale to customers. This give you a nice way to promote your works right away.

So hop to it. Here’s some info.

Contrast Tank

Why is this thing called the contrast tank? No one knows. Except us. There’s a contrast in materials the front and back panels are made from. Hence, the Contrast Tank. The front panel, which shows off your artwork, is 100% polyester chiffon and the back is made from 96% polyester and 4% elastane cotton jersey that comes in either black or white. Your work appears, full-bleed on the front panel of the tank, almost like magic. We say almost like magic because it’s nothing like magic. The process is called sublimation printing, where the artwork is printed on paper and then laid onto the fabric. Using high heat the ink will turn into vapour and penetrate into the fabric so the print doesn’t crack or fade. It means the chiffon retains its silky handfeel and maximum comfort. This product is similar in look and feel to the recently launched Chiffon Tops except it’s a bit longer, and it lacks sleeves, because you know, it’s a tank top.

"Thai Characters "ว" by sakont sangkamee

Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Like the Graphic T-shirts for men, the graphic t-shirt dress features full-bleed sublimation (there’s that word again) across the entire front panel, but in this case, this thing is a dress. So you totally don’t need pants. Which is great, right? The front panel is made from 96% polyester and 4% elastane, and the back panel is 100% cotton jersey that comes in solid black.

"80s pop retro pattern 2" by mikath

Art tips

  • For both products, make sure you mind the neck and arm holes when you add your work because portions of your designs and photos will be cut off.
  • Ensure you fill the ENTIRE space on the panels on both products. You don’t want empty black or white space around your artwork. If your design doesn’t fit, consider tiling or making it a repeat pattern.
  • Rethink your work for these products. Spread your wings, be creative, try new things. Perhaps think about your work as apparel rather than a work that would hang on wall or live on a phone case. Ask yourself: “What would this look like walking down the street?” If the answer doesn’t conjure visions of terrifying art creatures wandering the world, you’re on the right track.
  • Research robots tell us that themes such as floral, paisley, animal prints, and stripes are trending for these styles so if you have similar themes in your works (or are looking for inspiration) give these a shot.
  • Make sure to tag your works correctly so that you have more chance of being found.

Upload tips

  • Images for the contrast tank must be 3870 × 4280 pixels and high-res.
  • Images for the graphic t-shirt dress must be 4020 × 6090 pixels and high-res.
  • Make sure your artwork fills up the entire space including the checkered lines at the top and the bottom. This ensures there no blank spaces when your work goes to print.

Click here to visit your shops and add your works now. We’ll update as soon as these products launch for sale. Follow @redbubblecreate on Instagram for news.

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