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Introducing Pre-release Feature for New Products

We’re very excited to announce that we’re trialling a new feature that allows you to add work to new products before they release to the public.

Traditionally when launching a new product we’ve migrated works from another product for all of you wonderful artists. But as we expand the breadth of products we offer here at Redbubble, we’ve had to consider new ways to make the process of adding work both more streamlined and more sophisticated.

The product pre-release is a trial feature in our uploader that ensures your products will look great in advance, so you’ll be ready to promote them as soon as they launch to your fans.

The Women’s Chiffon Top

The first product to use this trial feature will be the brand new Women’s Chiffon Top (launching mid-April now available), which is a unique addition to the suite of products currently available in your Redbubble shops.

The Women’s Chiffon Top features a front panel that’s printed edge-to-edge with your design along with black or white back panels, sleeves, and binding. It’s got a loose, boxy style fit so your designs will crop differently than they do on previous products which make it imperative for you to configure your designs appropriately. You wouldn’t want to miss out on sales when this thing is all hot and new.

The Women's Chiffon Top (center) [Featured work: "Pelicans in the Jungle" by elenor27]

Now, when you add new work or edit existing works you’ll see the addition of the Women’s Chiffon Top, along with a green box that tells you when (approximately) the product will launch.

All you have to do is add a work or enable this product as usual, adjust it as you see fit, and boom, it will be ready to go once the product launches. Please make sure your artwork fills up the entire square including the checkered lines at the top and the bottom. This ensures there no blank spaces when your work goes to print.

One caveat at this point is you won’t be able to see the product on a work page (basically the way your customers see it) until the product launches.

Cater your designs to products

As we’ve discussed here and here, it’s very important to think about each and every product your work will be featured on so you can maximize your exposure and sales. Artists often take a “one and done” approach to adding work to products which can result in an inaccurate representation of the work you put your heart, soul, and time into.

Artworks that are more abstract in design tend to work well on Women’s Chiffon Top as they will not be disrupted by the neck and armhole shaping. If your artworks have a central design that will be affected — you can consider making it into a repeat pattern to fill the panel piece. Be creative.

Head to your portfolios to start adding work for the Women’s Chiffon Top so you’ll be ready to go as soon as we pull the trigger on this sweet new product. Keep your eyes on this blog and on our @redbubblecreate Instagram account.

Making sure your work looks amazing on new products means more opportunities to promote yourself, get featured on Redbubble, and, of course, sell stuff.

Templates, you say?

We also have a Photoshop template (and instructions) available for you to download so you consider the requirements for the Chiffon Top when creating work or editing existing works specifically for it.

Download that here

Let’s hear from you

The pre-release feature is in beta so we’ll be improving it as we go. Please let us know what you think works, doesn’t work, and how you think we can make it better in the comments.

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