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Featured Artist: Metron

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”Even if my works look simple, there’s a lot of complex thought and a lot of experimenting involved.”[/tweet_box]

Pascal Deckarm who creates graphic design work under Metron and goes by hraunphoto for his photography, is a German artist with a true love for the great outdoors. He is completely self-taught, taking to nature and teaching himself about photography and design as he explores. With a beautiful sensibility towards light and bright, airy imagery, Metron’s images are stunning works of art.

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featured Artist: Metron

What are your biggest artistic influences?

I was always very interested in art history and literature. Specifically art in the early 20th century. The surrealists Max Ernst and Giorgio di Chirico or the expressionists such as Kirchner always fascinated me. Later Francis Bacon and as representative for the abstract Gerhardt Richter got added as well.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

Inspiration is everywhere. I go out to nature and get inspired by cultures and landscapes. Engagement with art history is another very important aspect as well. AND most of all music, a lot of music.

What is your creative process?

In the beginning there is mainly music and a big cup of coffee. I like to work at nights when everything around me is quiet. I like to work on multiple ideas in parallel and usually go through them first, I also make notes or rough drafts on my smartphone if I’m not at home. I create my graphic works often in Illustrator first before I switch to Photoshop to finish. I self-taught all these techniques to myself and therefore I’m sometimes a bit cumbersome.

I really like your work “Turn” a lot. Can you tell us more about that project?

When I started with Metron, I established the dogma for myself to start working with simple geometrical forms first. The first works that are part of this series basically only consisted of circles, triangles, and squares, added with unsaturated colors from my childhood in the seventies. As a draftsman you are inevitably familiar with geometry and I wanted to add my knowledge as well. I really like the series a lot and will expand it in the near future.

"Turn" Laptop Skin

What was the most important moment for you as an artist?

I had an art teacher in school who really supported me even beyond my time at school. She taught me to go my way, regardless of what others say. I’m very grateful. My first trip to Iceland was a very important moment in my life development, it brought back the fire and inspired me a lot.

If you met someone who is just at the beginning of their artistic career, what would be your advice?

Be yourself. Focus on what you do. Be original and don’t simply copy others, stand out from the crowd. Always be curious and go out in the world. In today’s online world you have the possibility to connect with other artists, be involved in communities like here on Redbubble and create a network. Develop a fanbase and communicate with them. Let them be part of your process. To work as an artist or designer can be lonely, structure your day and give yourself room for other activities.

The tree and the mountains by hraunphoto

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]With abstractions I’m able to make the tiniest things visible that in a whole describes the universe.[/tweet_box]

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