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Featured Artist: Cheddie Wong

Cheddie Wong is a talented illustrator who lives in Philadelphia and has been creating amazing works since the age of one. Now at three, Cheddie has been producing a satirical series of artworks skewering man’s best friend. The outspoken artist sat down with us for a chat about his latest collection, his process, and more.

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Featured Artist Cheddie Wong in his studio

Your most recent collection is a series of dog portraits. Why dogs?

Next question.

Why are they dressed as clowns?

Because dogs are clowns. And they make my life a living hell. My best weapon? Art. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than humiliating a pug with the stroke of a brush.

"pug" by Cheddie Wong

You’re the first non-human we’ve featured here on the Redbubble blog. Is there a community of artists we don’t know about?

There are a few four-leggers out there getting it done, but most of them don’t have computers. The biggest (besides me!) is this ferret named Kurt Nelson. But honestly, he’s a no-talent piece of shit.

You don’t mince words, do you?

I got cars, creeps with BB guns, lawnmowers, pesticides, tainted nuts, and a whole mess of stuff you humans don’t need to worry about. Life is too short for long-winded, flowery diatribes.

What’s your process like?

A dog chases me up a tree. I paint that dog as a clown. I laugh, and the world laughs with me.

Do you have any advice for other Redbubble artists?

Never stop dreaming. Don’t wait for inspiration to find you. And if you see Kurt Nelson, watch your back. That guy is a weasel.

What’s your favorite kind of nut?

Brilliant question. Maybe I should start a new series called “Interviewer clowns.” You’d look good on a tote bag.

"rottweiler" by Cheddie Wong

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Featured Artist Cheddie Wong in his studio

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