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Featured Artist: A Studio Visit with Richard Morden

Artist and Illustrator Richard Morden works out of his light and airy studio in Brunswick, Melbourne. I had the chance to visit his studio for a behind the scenes look at how Richard’s much-loved illustrations of prehistoric flora and fauna get created, first hand while he shared some insights into his creative life.

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Richard Morden in his studio

On starting his career:

Years ago I worked as a graphic artist and found the most enjoyable part of the job was creating images, so it seemed only natural to pursue illustration as a career.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”I simply contacted every publisher I could until I got a little bit of work, which led to more work.”[/tweet_box]

On creatures:

Obviously animals and plants are a big focus of my work. Anything living and the processes of life are a constant source of inspiration. I love watching and reading about history, prehistory, natural sciences, gothic horror and science fiction so they all get a look in. When I was a child I liked to imagine I was a dinosaur or a robot. Perhaps I am still pretending to be a dinosaur or a robot, only doing it through artwork!

On the natural world:

I love learning about natural history – what they uncover provides context as to who we are and how we got here, and it gives us clues as to what the future could bring. Learning about past life on Earth also allows us to close our eyes and imagine our world as it once was with giant ground sloths snuffling and grunting as they roamed the land, or squid like creatures with curly shells spawning by moonlight, or dinosaurs stomping about gnashing their teeth at each other. It is the oldest and most dramatic story we have.

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On his advice for other artists:

The principles of art and design will always be the same, but who our customers are and how we promote our work is evolving faster than ever before.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”We need to be flexible with our art practice and embrace change.” [/tweet_box]

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