10 Posters that Teach You Everything about Mars

The data machines here in Redbubble’s underground lair have told us that lots of people on a thing called Reddit have been flipping their lids over the artwork “Here there be robots,” Redbubble artist Eleanor Lutz’s victorian map of Mars.

"Here there be robots" by Eleanor Lutz

By looking at the above art print you can tell why they dig it so much. So since this landed on our radar, we figured it’d be fun to stoke those red planet flames by gathering up a few more informative and cool Mars/space-based posters from the Redbubble community that can expand your mind into the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Click on the images to pick up the one (or several) posters that you love. And be sure to share your favorite Mars and/or space thing in the comments.

This poster is great, but it says there are no Martians on Mars. I mean, if that’s true, then what’s the point of anything?

"Mars" by scarriebarrie

I use a very simple acronym to help me remember the order of the planets, it’s T.I.A.S.A.T.H.M.R.T.O.O.T.P. Which means: this is a simple acronym to help me remember the order of the planets.

Commit it to memory. It’s been a huge help for me in my career. I aced sciencey planet stuff tests in college too. Aced ’em.

"Mars" by PaulMalyugin

This poster taught me that those things Astonomers look through to see space crap are called telescopes. I’ve been calling them galactic looky tubes. Huh. Thanks, poster!

"Universe Concepts Infographics" by aurielaki


"Solar System" by lintho

This is misleading. Planets do not all hang out in a happy little group. They’re actually super cliquey and really judgmental. Like, there’s no way Jupiter would be caught DEAD with that wannabe Neptune. No. Way.

"The Solar System" by Sarah Crosby


"The Solar System" by JazzberryBlue

This is Daniel. He’s a dog who dreams of someday going to Mars. Keep dreamin’, Dan.

"Endless opportunities" by Nicolae Negura

Olympus Monds is a large volcano on Mars. But do you know what lives inside that volcano? See the next post.

"Mars - Olympus Mons" by FabledCreative

Space Chihuahuas! That’s right. Chihuahuas. From space. With ray guns. They live in a volcano on Mars. Hard to believe. But it’s true.

We’re doomed.

"Invaders!" by Lopesco

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