10 Pocket T-Shirts that Let You Bring a Friend Anywhere

Ever been walking down the street and thought to yourself, “Boy, I sure do wish there was at least one other living creature who would spend more than 5 minutes with me.”? If so, then these “pocket” t-shirts might be the solution to all your problems. Well, maybe we’re overreaching. They might be the solution to one of your problems. You should still figure out why no one will spend more than 5 minutes with you. That’s a serious problem, friend. A serious one.

But hey, these tees are fun and should at least give you some company while you ponder the bigger issues that plague your existence. Plus, these tees are majorly trending on Redbubble. So that’s another good thing, right?


Baby Raptor won’t stay this tiny forever. Cherish these precious moments before it’s tearing your clothes, home, face, and family to unrecognizable bits.

"Pocket Raptor" by Tabner

This special pocket friend comes with a built-in litter box, right in the bottom of the pocket! Now that’s planning.

"Pocket Cat" by Anna Shell

Because Doge is your forever friend. Can we make it through this caption without saying something like, “much creative, so pocket, very wow”? No. No we can’t.

"Doge Pocket" by Tabner

Classic prank time. Wear this one to the bank or post office, wait for someone to ask you if they can borrow one of your pens, scream “GOTCHA,” and flee the scene. Hilarity ensues.

"8bit Nerd Pocket Pixels" by fuxi

Live life in the slow lane with your very own sloth cheerleader. You’ll just be moving about your day when you hear a tiny voice below you go, “Slow down… just chill, man. Take it eaaaasy.” It’ll be nice. But you’ll probably get fired from your job.

"Pocket Sloth" by mediacorpse

Good thing these tees aren’t real. Remember the last time you tried to bring your pet fish Rufus with you to work? R.I.P. Rufus. He was a good fish.

"Pocket Fish" by naolito

Little known fact: Cthulhu roughly translates as “super-cute friend in a fake pocket tee that was designed by mikehandyart and is available for purchase on Redbubble.” Interesting.

"Pocket Cthulhu" by mikehandyart

Now, no matter how dark it gets, you’ll have the sun in your pocket. Just don’t keep it for too long. Otherwise the plants, trees, animals, people, and planet will totally die. Don’t be selfish, man.

"My Pocket Sun" by laurxy

“Is that a hedgehog in your pocket or you just happy to see me?”

“It’s a hedgehog. It’s right here. Can’t you see it? That’s a really weird question. It’s literally staring you in the face. Actually, to be completely honest, I genuinely dislike you and I’m not happy to see you at all.”

"Hedgehog in Your Pocket" by DeepFriedArt

Remember what we said about the first raptor tee? Same thing applies here except this one is a real jerk.

"Pocket Protector - Blue" by CanineHybrid

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