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What Do You Want to See on the RB Blog in 2016?

This open discussion is a quick and easy one. Tell us what you want the Redbubble Blog team to write about this year. Want tips about how to create better art? Want advice for how to become more successful Redbubble artists? Want more open discussions that let you have your say? Want more inspirational quotes? Want more news about the inner-workings of Redbubble? Want us to write each and every one of you sweet little love poems?

We want this blog to be a great resource for the artists in the house, as well as a fun, interesting place to hang out and shoot the breeze. So what do you think has worked so far? What hasn’t? What would make this the blog of your dreams?

Tell us below what you’d like to read about this year and we’ll take your suggestions, disappear into our weird lab beneath the Earth’s crust, and return with a blog built upon the shoulders of your wonderful insights.

[Header image: “Creative Flow” by buko]

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