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Featured Artist: Tomashevskaya

Artist Lidia Tomashevskaya, known on Redbubble as tomashevskaya has had an amazing creative journey. After immigrating from Russia to Israel to study design and illustration, Lidia has thrown herself into her design practice. Each of Lidia’s artworks are reflections of herself, while still allowing for the viewer to see narratives and parts of themselves within her designs. Below, we asked Lidia to share 5 insights into her creative life from her inspiration to her experiences living a new country.

Featured artist tomashevskaya

On her inspiration:

My inspiration comes from my life experiences. My most private works are about my feelings, but I always feel proud and happy when someone finds themselves in them.

On Russian folk tales:

The surrealism in my work comes from my interest in illustrating Russian folk tales. I think about composition a lot and about how it will look in a book spread. I have a dream to illustrate children's books, so I try to do everything to achieve that one dream.

On her favorite work:

I like "Fox and candy bird", because it is a work I made in a new technique that I started to use this summer, also for me it looks a bit mystical and I can feel the soul of this fox, I like the colors too.

"Fox and candy bird" Scarf

On her background:

I decided to study design 5 years ago. Before my graduation project I visited a book store and saw "Illustration Now" digest and I was so amused. I decided then to became an illustrator. I made my graduation project one in which I was to illustrate my favorite Radiohead album “Hail to the Thief.” For that project I  then made 12 illustrations, one for each song from the album. It was my first illustration experience. That was around 3 years ago.

On immigrating:

I repatriated from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, to Jerusalem. I lived there for a year, then I returned to Russia for 2 years and in 2010 came back to Israel again to start my design studies. Immigration was very difficult experience for me, because I had to start everything in my life from the very beginning. I'm sure that this experience, the new language, new people and Jewish culture affected me and my art, I feel very different from people without experience of immigration.

"Swan" Tote Bag

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