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Featured Artist: Colorspinner on Collage

Collage artist colorspinner (aka Susan Ringler) is hugely prolific on Redbubble. As a long-time member of the community with a large creative portfolio, Susan knows what it’s like to be in it for the long term by creating dozens of wonderfully designed hand-crafted collage pieces and making them available on a wide range of products from tote bags, to laptop skins, to throw pillows, and beyond. As our weekly featured artist, we chatted with Susan about her work and she shared five insights that shed light on her fascinating and unique practice.

On her creative tools:

I enjoy the feel and patina of old magazines. I love the quest for intriguing images, it's a challenge to arrange them into my interpretation of non-reality. My tools are nothing fancy -- scissors, exacto knives, and glue sticks.

On choosing images:

I usually have no concept to start with. I let the images dictate the piece. It may not seem cohesive at the start, but the finished piece tends to say something about who I am as a person. Most of the images I choose represent a more simple time for me, when things weren't complicated by technology.

"light headed" Tote Bag

On art as therapy:

It helps me sort through feelings I sometimes think I can't control. It also helps me to understand the deep corners of my mind. It teaches me about me.

On surrealism:

Surrealism is a big influence on my work .The absurd nature of it takes me away to another place.

On being an “artist”:

I feel the minute I label myself an artist, I limit myself. I want to feel I can create whatever I am feeling that day. I don't want to feel pressure to create, I just want to do it.

Check out more of Susan’s hand-cut collage designs and support her work by picking up a product at her shop.