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Featured Artist: DinoMike

DinoMike is a UK-based illustrator who specializes in creating incredibly fun cartoony characters. From a miserable vampire, to a turkey with T-rex dreams, to a obliviously doomed astronaut, DinoMike’s work screams personality and skews to the absurd in such imaginative and clever ways.

Mike (we’re pals so he lets us drop the Dino) shared insights into his creative world, from his ability to breathe life into his characters, to his creative mantra.

Featured artist DinoMike

On designing for Redbubble products:

"I was always drawing weird monsters as a kid, and this started a natural progression through to art college, then studying illustration at University and finally landing a job in the greeting card industry. Designing for tees and other products has been a fairly recent development, but it’s been such a rewarding process as I now get to draw weird monsters professionally. It’s literally come full circle."

On character development:

"It’s mainly about getting the character’s personality right. It really helps sell the idea if you know straight away what the character is trying to get across. A good exercise is to just draw a square a bunch of times and then give it as many different emotions as possible. Basically just keep drawing all the time and get good reference."

"Mornings Suck" T-Shirt

 On personifying objects:

"I guess it helps to try and think about what an object’s mood might be like considering the job they do, and then try to capture that. For example, if I was a cake created for the sole purpose of being eaten by children at a party, I might be a bit cranky."

On his creative mantra:

"There’s this old '90s movie called ‘The Edge’ which has Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins fighting a bear the whole time. Anthony Hopkins’ character has this mantra which is ‘what one man can do, another can do’ and for some reason it really stuck with me. It just sort of reminds you that you always have the ability to push yourself and to achieve stuff. Whether it’s creating a design or killing a giant bear in the Alaskan wilderness."

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