10 Valentine’s Day Cards for People You Like More than a Little Bit

Valentine’s Day is the day in which we shower those we love with things like flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and weird chalk-like candy hearts that have vaguely threatening and kinda-stalkerish messages on them. But unique designs on a bunch of amazing Redbubble products is way better than any of that stuff. Greeting cards are one of those amazing products created by independent artists. We figure we’d give you hand hunting down that perfect thing by compiling some of our favorite V-day cards that will make even the coldest souls a teensy bit warmer.

Even if you miss Valentine’s Day (which you shouldn’t if you check our shipping deadlines right here) these cards are perfect for any occasion that requires a little dose of lovey dovey.

1. Feel the yearn as you show your flame that he can’t run from love.

"Impossible love - fire and water kiss" by Choma House

2. Sushi don’t care, and neither should you. Love is love. Just don’t eat your love. Or stab her with a fork. Or cover her with wasabi. Or put her in the dishwasher. Or anything that you would do to food and/or eating utensils. Just be nice, okay?

"Sushi doesn't care" by Andres Colmenares

3. See the caption above, but please add chase up a tree, scratch in the face, and poop on her floor to things you shouldn’t do.

"Opposites Attract Cat and Dog" by SusanSanford

4. We checked with our legal team and they have confirmed that this card functions as a binding contract. So if your love goes before you, sue the hell out of him.

"you are not allowed to die before me" by asyrum

5. Grab this card and prepare for some serious binge-snuggling.

"Let's Cuddle and Watch Old Movies" by Good Natured Beast

6. Till death you part, right? Think again.

"My Boo" by Thomas Orrow

7. Better hope she doesn’t say no-da you while throwing her soda in your face.

"Soda Valentine" by Kelly Gilleran

8. Together forever… or until some dumb scientist downgrades one of you from being a planet to some sad floating orb of meaninglessness.

"Together Forever" by thepapercrane

9. Enjoy this card, but please don’t PUNch me in the face for my strange obsession with food-based wordplay.

"Quiche Me" by Teo Zirinis

10. “Sure, we’re like peanut butter and jelly, but you’re gonna be one lonely jar of peanut butter if you don’t stop texting with that nasty Fluff.”

"We're like Peanut Butter & Jelly" by Perrin Le Feuvre

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