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Open Discussion: What Is Your Artistic New Year’s Resolution?

Many of us make a New Year’s resolution every December 31 whether it’s to exercise more, eat veggies, stop smoking, be patient, etc. Every year, mine is to increase my productivity and quit procrastinating when it comes to creative writing. Last year was the first year I stuck to my guns and actually made some headway. But each of the previous years consisted of an inspired declaration of “THIS WILL BE THE YEAR I MAKE SOME CHANGES!” only to be followed by months of beating myself up for letting that excitement and inspiration slip away.

Does this happen to you? And if so, is this the year in which you break the cycle and finally succeed in making those New Year dreams of being a better you come true?

So this Open Discussion topic is a simple one: Do you have a New Year’s art resolution? Do you want to create more often? Stick to a schedule? Develop a routine? Experiment with new mediums? Learn to take photos blindfolded? Do you think throwing down the gauntlet every January 1st is worth it? Do you think it’s a waste of time?

"Clocks" (Travel Mug)

I have a theory about this sort of thing, which is why I think this might be a worthwhile topic for us all. I think putting your resolution in writing, in public, for your fellow creative folk to read (and judge!) might actually add a touch more pressure and force you think a bit harder, and care a touch more about hitting your goals this year. So, in addition to sharing your creative New Year’s resolution, I’m asking you all to offer tips, advice, and words of encouragement to each other. I think, if we all do this together, we can make a difference. So let’s do it. Let’s make this year a thing.

Share your New Year’s resolution in the comments below.

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