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10 Inspiring Quotes from Redbubble Artists in 2015

To celebrate the wonderful Redbubble artists we featured here on the blog this year, and the community of friends that comment and share their work, we’ve compiled some of the best tips and quotes from our 2015 artist interviews. In no particular order here are 10 of the words that inspired and excited us to keep pushing creative boundaries well into 2016.

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Laura Wood

"...my advice is to start now, immediately, do not wait to actively start behaving like an illustrator. Look for work, commissions and possible clients to contact."

"Astronaut Astray" by Laura Wood

"I am still searching to find my true style, so it constantly evolves. There are so many artists old and new to discover and learn from. I’m always experimenting with their styles, and trying to find new ways to interpret or merge them while maintaining my own voice."

"Lonely..." by ND Tank

"Life is too beautiful and fleeting to ignore what it has to offer. I attempt to try and balance the intensity of my somber moods with the lightheartedness of satire. It works pretty good."

"FIEND" by Kenny Poppins

"I love making the little details in each piece. Sometimes I get so lost in those details that I don’t realize exactly how weird something looks until I snap a photo and see it on my computer."

"Joey three eyes" by DogzillaLives

"...as an artist it’s so important to accept that things takes time, and that it doesn’t always go as smoothly as expected...this is a marathon, not a sprint."

"Heads" by Domingo Widen

"Art serves many purposes – and each one is valid and wonderful. It always brings something extra to the world, no matter what the subject. My own work tends to be quite light-hearted as I see humour in most things, so I just draw what I see myself! I think the world needs a bit of extra silliness and happiness, and if I can help with that in some way, then that’s great."

"Llamas" by Sophie Corrigan

"As I was growing up, so many people told me 'oh you'll be famous one day!' I believed it, but always figured it would be after I was long gone. I realized when I started having children that I didn't want to wait till after I was a memory. I wanted my kids to know one day that it's good to go after your dreams. So, with that in mind I started practicing more and posting my progress through Facebook and Instagram."

"Fall In Love" by Life Animated

"There’s something therapeutic about painting intricacies and repetition. I can zone out with a paintbrush and a few hours later, my paper will be caked with ivy or sliced tree rings."

"Killin' It Tropical Pink" by Cat Coquillette

"I would advise other artists to create artwork they love. For me, the time flies by because I’m in a meditative state and I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing."

"GORILLA" by BioWorkZ

"Try hard to build the character’s personality in your head, before you put pen to paper. If you understand the way the character thinks and behaves, it will help you decide how the character looks and moves. I find it very helpful to imagine the character as a living, breathing thing, rather than just a two-dimensional image."

"Cthulhu" by MysteryCorner

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[Header image: INTESTINES by Kenny Poppins]