10 Christmas Tees You Can Wear Year-Round

We hear so much about the Christmas “season,” but who says images of Santa, reindeer, and candy canes should be reserved for just a month or so each year. Thanks to these ten tees designed by some of Redbubble’s finest, you can celebrate Christmas all the time and not look like the human equivalent of that weird house on your street that still has the same set of Holiday lights up from 1983.

Zombies never go out of style. Neither do seasons. Or skulls. Or eating. Or t-shirts! So this thing is a home run, man.

"Season's Eatings" by machmigo

Sure, mistletoe is usually a Christmastime decoration, but a sloth will stop at nothing when it comes to getting kisses from unsuspecting strangers. Sloths are weird.

"Christmas Kiss Sloth with Mistletoe" by zoel

Technically Christmas is always coming, even on Christmas Day, since the next one is just a year away. So this shirt is always accurate. For extra fun, wear this shirt and run through your local shopping mall screaming about Black Friday deals in May. People love that.

"Christmas is coming" by LordWharts

Five minutes after creating Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft leaned back in his creaky wooden chair and whispered, “In like a hundred years, I hope someone makes this thing all Chrismassy.” Your wish is Captain RibMan’s command, Howie.

"Merry Cthulhumas!" by Captain RibMan

If you’re a “Home Alone” super-fan who is constantly threatening friends and family like an old-timey gangster, this is the shirt for you.

"Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal " by Cat Coquillette

This unicorn is a show off who think he’s better than everybody. You know like 8 people like that, don’t you? Get this shirt and make them wear it everyday.

"Gingerbread Unicorn" by JessieSima

The real Santa is not a large man with a big white beard, red suit, and ethically precarious workshop situation. He’s actually a topless bear and bunny who fly through outer space on a rocket-powered Christmas tree. Lots of people don’t believe that, so you’ll need a whole year of wearing this shirt to convince them.

"Space Christmas" by Yetiland

We know the stegosaurus is an herbivore and all that, but those things are lethal. We’ve met a bunch and they’re always swinging their tails around, breaking doorways with their spiky backs, and cursing while smoking cigarettes. So this shirt with this one looking all cute should make your next run-in with one go a bit easier, especially once they see you wearing it. Stegosauruses are all about flattery.

"Christmasaurus" by Teo Zirinis

 Your fellow tinfoil hat-wearers at the next conspiracy theorist support group you attend will be green with envy over this shirt. But that could just be from the chemtrails.

"Paranormal Christmas Sweater" by Teo Zirinis

This shirt is particularly great for any time of year. Those colored balls could be Christmas tree ornaments, Easter eggs, the disgusting aftermath of a meal made entirely from gumballs sloppily eaten by a deranged man, or just some sweet looking facial hair decorations. It’s up to you, really.

"Beard Baubles" by BeardyGraphics

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