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Coloring Books Aren’t Just for Kids: 6 RB Artists Who Want You to Color

It may make headlines when Crayola releases an adult coloring book, but grown-ups on Redbubble have known for years the calming effects of some time spent staying inside (or outside, if you’re a rebel) the lines.

From vintage tattoos to meditative mandalas, we’ve rounded up six of our own artists who are on top of the coloring trend, plus two downloadable coloring pages so you can see what the excitement is all about.

1. Anij Marth creepy coloring

Expert tattoo artist Anij Marth takes her creepy creations to a less permanent medium to create a spooky coloring book of legendary monsters.

2. Color your way around the world with Alycia Pace

Alycia Pace‘s international sketches come together to make a coloring book that travels the globe.

3. Find zen with Hayley Lauren

This doodler has evolved her zentangles and mandalas to create a coloring book style that lets you add color to your own clothing as you go.

4. Beachy prints with Breanna Cooke

Although she’s known for her body painting, Breanna Cooke‘s other passion is helping people unlock their creativity with coloring books. You can buy her nautical coloring book or find completed pieces in her Redbubble shop.

6. George Rose

Ready to get in a little coloring of your own? Redbubble residents, artists Steve Leadbeater and George Rose have created coloring pages inspired by their own style.

At Team Redbubble, everyone from Finance to HR has taken their own stabs at these coloring pages. Download them here and show us your best efforts in the comments.

By Steve Leadbeater


By George Rose

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