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Introducing Men’s Graphic Printed T-Shirts

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of new graphic printed t-shirts for men (or graphic tees if you want to get friendly). Graphic tees enable artists to fill the entire front panel of a shirt with art.

The front panels of the shirts are made from 200gsm polyester/elastane, while the back, sides, and neckband are 180gsm cotton. If you don’t get all that gsm talk, just know these shirts are comfy, breathable, and look great as heck.

The process that goes into making these shirts is different from our standard tees in that the ink from the artwork is sublimated (embedded) into the polyester/elastane material. With standard tees, the ink lives atop the material.

Work that you have available for posters and for t-shirts will transfer to graphic tees, but remember, this shirt gives you a great opportunity to rethink the way you design for apparel. Now is a great time to strut your creative stuff and make original work specifically for the graphic tee. So visit your shops here.

Here are the details:

  • Poster artwork that has been enabled for sale on t-shirts will transfer to graphic tees.
  • Images should be 3873 x 4814px PNG with a resolution of 150DPI.
  • Do not add new art for graphic tees with a transparent background. Art should fill the entire image.
  • Parts of your designs will be clipped in the cutaway neck section of the shirt and when the shirt is sewn together
  • The edge to edge printing gives a clear finish at the seams
  • Part of the top of your image will be lost in the cutaway neck section of the shirt, so double-check everything
  • Sizes start in XS

Women’s graphic tees are on the way, but for now, head to your shops and start creating work for this great new product.

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