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Is Your Shop Ready for Holiday Shoppers?

The holiday shopping season is upon us and now is the most imperative time to double-check your Redbubble shop page to make sure it’s bright and shiny and ready for an influx of holiday shoppers. Below we’ve outlined a few basic things you can work on that will make a huge impact on how your audience perceives your artwork which can lead to better discovery, increased sales, and happy people.

Tag everything correctly

I know we’re starting to sound like a broken record, but tagging, and doing it correctly is a must, especially during these intense shopping times. So many gift-givers will hop onto Google and search for that perfect thing for their favorite people. Here’s an example: some guy has a friend who loves robots. That guy wants to get that friend or shirt featuring a cool robot. You happen to specialize in making awesome robot-themed work. If you’ve got your work tagged and titled correctly, your work can land in front of that guy’s eyes, and before you know it, the tee featuring your work is being unwrapped on Christmas morning and happy people are created and life is better and it’s all because of you.

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December by Kakel

Name everything else correctly, too

In addition to tagging, make sure everything is named correctly as far as titles and collections, are concerned. Naming is important. You probably have one. I bet it’s Greg, isn’t it? Maybe it’s Rose. Well, Greg and/or Rose, naming things can provide your artwork with context and bring an individual piece into its own in a simple and effective manner. Potential buyers and audiences do take notice of names, especially if they inform a story or narrative surrounding the artwork. Take the time to check your collections are named in a way that is expressive and descriptive to the artworks they encompass.

Go to your manage works page and scan over your uploaded files to make sure your works are named in a clear and expressive way. It’s good to stay clear of numbering your artworks in an impersonal way.

Take a look across your portfolio, shop, and social media accounts and try to unify your name to give your Redbubble presence a cohesive and polished feel. For example, if you’re known by your first name on half your social accounts, but by your Redbubble username on your shop page, considering consolidating how you’re known online and update your personal brand.

Also, make sure everything is spelled correctly in your artist notes and bio paragraph. Frequently I’ll see grammar mistakes or spelling errors which all ultimately work to interrupt people enjoying and viewing your artwork.

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"Bah Humbug" by Richard Morden

Make sure your artworks are looking good

Have you uploaded the correct file for each product on your shop page? Particular products to check on are duvet covers, leggings, new graphic tees, and notebooks – make sure your artworks are centered and cover the entire product when you look at it in preview.

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"Merry X-Mess!" by Ross Murray

Link Your Social Accounts

Linking up your social media accounts with your Redbubble profile page is a surefire way to increase traffic around the holiday season. Take advantage of the wave of online shoppers around Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the pre-Christmas flurry to link your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with your profile page.

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Do you have any holiday shop tips? Share them in the comments below.