Cat Gifts that are Better than Cat GIFs

In lieu of an intro, lets just look at these:

Okay, never mind. There’s nothing better than cat GIFs. But these Redbubble products come close, especially if you have a cat lover on your list.

Thanks to our amazing customers and their stellar Instagramming, you can see that these clever and cool cat things look pretty great in the real world, so be sure to click the images to snap up some of them for your favorite feline-obsessed friend.

1. “The Great Catsby” is a word-for-word adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic except with even more mentions of scratching posts, litter boxes, and laser pointers.

"The Great Catsby" by marimattes (image via @_daniellewhite_)

2. If you’d spend $1,500 on a Scottish Fold, then you’ll be tempted by this fabulous pillow, you diva.

"Fab-u-lous Kitty" by Claire Stamper (image via @redbubble)

3. Make sure you order two of these, because Babbles wants his own.

"Cat observations" by no-me (image via @n0meo)

4. Did you know cat puns are called purrns?

"You've Cat to be Kitten me Right Meow" by tanyadraws (image via @tanyaleannel)

5. What’s more annoying than one cat yowling for food at 4AM on a Saturday morning? Three cats yowling for food at 4AM on a Saturday morning.

"Exclusive Three Cat Moon Design!" by endlessimages (image via @redbubble)

6. Cats are not food. Well, unless you’re really hungry, they can be. But by that rationale, anything is food. Like shoes and dirt and your friends. You don’t eat shoes or dirt, or your friends, so don’t eat cats.

"Catsup - Cat Burger Delight!" by catshrine (image via @sachietv)

7. TBH the only mouse this house cat’s ever hunted has been attached to a computer.

"Hungry Hungry Cat" by Budi Kwan (image via @rachelyouens)

8. Phew, thanks for the warning, otherwise we would’ve assumed your 9,000 cats were a sign of being a totally sane cat lady.

"Crazy Cat Lady Sign" by RubyFox (image via @lindsey7607)

9. Penelope’s gonna drink out of your mugs anyway, so you might as well get her her own. Actually, she’s still going to drink out of yours. So whatever. It’s a win-lose.

"Ginger" by PetFriendly (image via @penelope_the_puss)

10. Throw ya paws up in the air just you just don’t care about rolling around in a puddle of blood while playing with a still-beating human heart.

"Cat Got Your Heart?" by harebrained (image via @kittywinks)

11. Every cat’s mantra. In fact, the first use of #srynotsry can be traced back to the first domesticated feline in Egypt. Cats tweeted in ancient Egypt. Weird, right?

"Purrfect" by jabbershire (image via @batmobiled)

12. “One does simply walk into my room and throw up in my shoes.” Unless you’re a cat. Then you do. Every morning. Every. Single. Morning.

"The Furrlowship of the Ring" by Keyyu (image via @flickjb)

I mean, c’mon…

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