13 Gifts Book Lovers Will Love More than an 8th Harry Potter

Books are great because they connect people to new and interesting worlds while giving them so many opportunities to ignore the current world in which they actually live.

Do you know someone who never leaves the house without a book? Someone who prefers fiction to reality? Someone who prefers a ripping good fact-based yarn to the banalities of a day-to-day life? Someone who reads while walking, despite the fact that they’re in the heart of a busy city on a sidewalk riddled with construction and potential muggers? If so, then the below gifts should give you plenty of ideas for how to make this holiday one for the books.

Sorry. Bad pun.

Or is it?

Check out some of our customers with their favorite book products. Click the images to purchase the featured products and be sure to share your favorite book find below.

Talk about a slow reader…

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“Cozy Sloth” by katiecrumpton

Reading is the solution for everything, including global hunger and world peace. Probably.

“The World Belongs to Those Who Read – Old Paper” by bboutique

“Did you just utter the word ‘football’ in my presence? The door is that way.”

via @bunnyyyb

“I prefer books” by KisaSunrise

A checklist we don’t actually want to cross-off… let us read forever.

“Things to do, books to read” by TheLovelyBooks


Little books can be just as good as big books. Haven’t you heard of “Everyone Poops”?

“Little & Fierce” by Cat Coquillette

When you aren’t at home, your cat is either reading your books or hiding inside your tote bags while reading your books. Cats love swashbuckling erotic fiction. That’s a fact.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” by tobiasfonseca

This print is both classic and classy and that means it will make a really spectacular gift for that friend who insists on wearing a top hat and carrying a dumb walking stick.

“Pride and Prejudice” by nanlawson

Howl many wolves does it take to finish a book? Three. Probably. I don’t know. Can wolves read?

“Howling good reads” by jazzydevil

One more chapter, just ONE MORE CHAPTER. UGH, MOM, LEAVE ME ALONE!

“I Like Big Books (Black)” by Shannelle C.

It’s official. So official, you have this sticker for it. So much better than that gold star you got in 3rd grade for doing your math workbook. (Ew, math.)

“Certified Book Addict” by Risa Rodil

If having books inside your bag wasn’t enough to sate your literary cravings, you can now get all your favorite titles printed onto it.

“Bookworm” by Cassia

Just take it one page at a time.

“So Many Books, So Little Time” by bboutique

Our large pouches are pretty big, but don’t try to fit all these books in there. I mean, you can, but it’s going to ruin your pouch. But it is your pouch, so you can do what you want with it. I don’t know. Just don’t come crying when your pouch explodes is all I’m trying to say.

“Bibliophile” by anni103

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