13 Magical Notebooks for Writing Spells

Whether you’re a centuries-old sorcerer, a teenage witch, The Chosen One, or you haven’t got a drop of magical blood in you, you’ll be enchanted by these 13 spellbinding spiral notebooks and hardcover journals perfect for scribbling down new spells, blacklisting wizards who’ve wronged you, or noting exactly how many cartons of Milk Duds you collected this Halloween.

Better pull out your quill and get scrawling.

1. “The Peculiar Club House” by Karl James Mountford

Keep a guest log of everyone who’s set foot in your treehouse or Shrieking Shack. And make ’em sign in blood.

2. “Sisters of the Moon” by brettisagirl

Sisters who scry together, stay together.

3. “Horroriffic!” by Versiris

Yep, this one is unmistakably for writing grocery lists. Troll warts… check. Witch’s toe slime… check. Unicorn horn…

4. “Beetle” by Kajoi

Perhaps you’re the collecting type? You can totally press dried flowers, fungi, and gross bugs in here to preserve forever.

5. “Halloween dog” by carbatine

Is this what an extremely angry Grim looks like? Better call the mortuary, because it looks like your end is near.

6. “Marw” by kafine

If magic is your religion, this notebook will be sacred to you.

7. “Drawn To See” by Lincke 

Got a clear Inner Eye? Then you’ll be irresistibly drawn to this notebook. *chortles*

8. “Carlotta” by Eeva Nikunen

How many cats can you spot in this artwork? Correct answer wins a pet toad.

9. “Toad Stool” by Edward Fielding

Ideal for recording all types of magical mushrooms, spores, and more. Now you can use the “I’m a fungi” opener on dates.

10. “Palmistry” by Cat Coquillette

Write your own guide to palmistry in this—the title’s already on the cover!

11. “Black Bird / Silver Fog.” by kevin dini

Whether the raven is your familiar or your dinner, you’ll be delighted by this sleek little number.

12. “BubblEye Gum” by dracoimagem

This guy was so close to getting the correct eyeball out of this gumball machine. Looks like he really needed a win. Maybe next time.

13. “Witch Series: Cauldron” by LordofMasks

This hip lady is either a super cool witch or a really weird cat food chef. Either way, it’s a good looking notebook.

Share your favorite Halloween-themed notebook or journal in the comments.

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