10 Tees that Prove Zombies are People Too

Sure The Walking Dead is great and all…but don’t you ever wonder about the zombies? Who are all these people (or former people)? Forget about that scruffy, crossbow-toting Daryl, let’s introduce ourselves to 10 of the fascinating dead people (and animals) who are trying to eat him.


"Leap of faith" by Budi Kwan

While on tour, Freddy and the Flesheaters lovingly called their devoted fans “Zombies.” They’re probably regretting that nickname now that the virus has spread and those now actual “Zombies” ate their bass player and keyboardist (they didn’t like them anyway). Hope that van makes the jump or frontman Freddy is next.


"The Zombie Shark" by nickv47

Gill didn’t think he could possibly love eating people any more than he already did. Well, Zombism sure proved him wrong, and now they’re so much easier to catch when they’re all stiff with rigor mortis.


"zombies!!!" by chakoman

Spencer’s mom always said he’d never get anywhere by being a follower. Well look at your boy now, mom! Look at him! But she never will…because her face was devoured.


"You'd Better Watch Out..." by Nathan Davis

Christmas hasn’t been as fun since Santa was infected by one of his elves, especially since he left (very nicely wrapped) boxes of entrails under the tree. Plus, the living room has really started to smell since he’s been stuck in that chimney.


"The Wok In Dead" by AnishaCreations

Brad was a chef in his human life, and he wasn’t about to give up his passion in his undead life, either. If you’re an adventurous eater (or a cannibal) you should visit his James BRAAAAAINS award winning restaurant for some truly disgusting stir fry.


"Zombie Kitty" by etuix

This is Fluffkins. She actually eats about the same amount of brains now as when she was alive. In fact I think there are more birds in Fluffkins neighborhood now than when she was alive.


"When do we want it? Brains." by Nathan Davis

This is Elijah, before the apocalypse he was a PETA member and once helped free 200 veal calves from a farm. Although he’s now undead, he’s still shuffling around in protest of his right to human brains.


"Zombies are Forever" by Karen Hallion

Ciara didn’t always have mangled tresses smeared with shreds of brain and copious amounts of saliva and blood. In fact, she once won a beauty pageant in her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana!


"Friends Forever" by strangethingsA

Even the President of the United States wasn’t safe from the plague that’s been sweeping the nation. And even in the midst of unbridled, flesh-ripping chaos, he’s still managing to arrange treaties to divvy up the feeding grounds of his undead Cabinet.


"Happy Brains" by ShantyShawn

This is Bob Ross. He’s pretty much the same as he was before except he’s a zombie now.

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