10 Dog Products to Sit, Stay, and Roll Over For

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. Unless they’re rabid dogs. Then they’re known as man’s best friend who will totally eat you. Either way, they’re your best friend and they’re better than cats. Cats are dumb judgmental jerks and they hate you and deserve to be taunted by all the laser pointers in the world forever and ever.

This is why we’re paying tribute to our favorite non-feline four-legged friends by collecting 10 great dog-themed Redbubble products that look great at dog parks, yappy hours, or tied up in the backyard.

“Luchador Chihuahua Dog” by PaperTigressArt

This luchador Chihuahua wears boots on just his back legs because he is the coolest dog in the history of all that has uttered a bark.

“Winston” by SusanSanford

This is a portrait of Winston Churchill. Some might think it’s a drawing a dog that resembles the former British Prime Minister. It’s not. This is a photograph of the real guy.

“Hot-Dog.” by James Fosdike

We at Redbubble do not condone the eating of dachshunds. Unless you’re really hungry.

“Walking The Dog” by Jacques Maes

A fancy man walks the dog while his dog walks the dog. You can wear this shirt while walking the dog so you’ll be walking the dog while wearing a shirt of a walking dog walking the dog.

Or you can just wear it while laying on the couch and eating cake icing. See if we care.

“The Best Is Yet To Come” by AndyWestface


Dogs will always comfort you and show you the way to happiness, even if it leads to drinking out of the toilet and rolling in dog poop. Just trust them. They know.

“Fog Dog -Mt Fromme, winter ‘08” by car1edb

A perfect example of the above in full effect: this dog is leading these kids to true joy by taking them to a mystical toilet in the wilderness of Vancouver. It will be good.

“Bark At The Moon!” by RonanLynam

From the song “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy Osbourne:

“Screams break the silence
Waking from the dead of night
Vengeance is boiling
He’s returned to kill the light
Then when he’s found who he’s looking for
Listen in awe and you’ll hear him

Bark at the moon
Ha ha ha”

Little known fact: Ozzy is talking about a shadow puppeteer in that song.

“Smoking Dog” by greg orfanos

Few people know that 96% of dogs are chain smokers. It’s true. Look it up.

“Japanese Shiba inu” by taichi

Look how proud this dog is of his bandana. Don’t you wish you could feel this way? A phone case should fix that hole you’ve got in your soul.

“Abandoned Hotdog Van” by tank

Remember in entry number 3 when we said that we’re not okay with eating dachshunds unless you’re really hungry? Well, this place makes a mean one. Just sayin’.

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