10 Laptop Skins Perfect for People Who Hate the Outdoors

Do you despise leaving the house? Do singing birds, cool breezes, and falling leaves fill you with existential angst and despair? Do the only rays you like catching come from your various electronic devices? Do you wish the outdoors were totally just the indoors instead? Good. Us too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you don’t hate anything not called your bedroom or couch by showing off some sweet nature on your computer with a laptop skin.

Even if you’re the most closed-off, shut-in human being since Howard Hughes grew his toenails through the front of his shoes, you can still keep up the facade that there is some semblance of a functional member of society living within the pale, unkempt shell you call a body. The below skins give you the opportunity to stick some of that outdoor “beauty” on the front of your laptop, so even if you’re about to hit hour 75 of League of Legends or poised to send your ten millionth tweet,  you can look like you actually give a crap about being outside once in a while.


"Conversation..." by AnnieSnel

When’s the last time you had an actual face-to-face conversation with another living person? Don’t worry, with this skin, you can look like you’re way into talking AND walking AND doing both OUTSIDE!


"Toxic ISOLATION" by stohitro

Sure, this one looks like a pretty outdoor thing. But it’s called “Toxic Isolation.” If that ain’t you in a nutshell, we don’t know you at all.


"The Fox and the Forest" by Nic Squirrell

This fox is totally scared and miserable, just like you if you were in that forest.


"Day" by DejaReve

This one is called “Day” which is when this thing called the Sun is up and infecting the world with all kinds of weird joy and something called Vitamin D. Gross.


"Milky Way from a very dark place" by tasadam

If you walk outside at night and look up, you might see this. But it’s so much easier to just stick it on your laptop and catch glimpses of it as it’s reflected back to you from your TV screen. Plus, night is when vandals and creeps are wandering the countryside looking for teeth to steal.


"Yosemite forest" by vvinicius

Yosemite National Park is a place in California. Some people think it’s really beautiful. But we know the truth, don’t we?


"Road" by Cozmick

This looks peaceful and pretty, huh? Well, electrical wires make brains explode. That’s a fact.


"Rainbows-n-old Juniper" by Richard Bozarth

Rainbows usually lead to pots of gold. So that’s cool. But those pots of gold are often guarded by blood-thirsty leprechauns who will first spoil the end of True Detective and then eat all of you.


"Wild & Free" by TheLoveShop

Let “normals” believe that you are a wild and/or free person who is willing to do stuff like not be inside for your entire life.


"Lofoten" by Dominika Aniola

Look down. See your toes? Like them? Then stay away from places like this and stick a photo of it on your laptop instead. Frostbite ain’t fun.

Discuss the above works or share your favorite outdoor artwork laptop skin below.

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