12 Tees that Prove Cats are Evil

They may try to fool us with their fuzzy paws and pleading meows, but we know better. Deep down cats are all just pure evil wrapped in a thin layer of fur. Sure, Fluffy may be purring away in your lap right now, but he’s dreaming of lapping up your blood. Between couch scratching and bird eating it’s obvious cats are wicked souls, if only they weren’t so adorable.

If you’re unlucky enough to own one of these little devilish minions or just want to spread the word about feline evil, these t-shirts are for you.

If cats were big enough, they would absolutely eat you too.

"Kill Them All" by pijaczaj

Aww, what’s wrong? Cat got your heart?

"Cat Got Your Heart?" by harebrained

Fact: Cat’s favorite foods are fish, cream, and human souls.

"Cat Got Your Soul?" by obinsun

Bow human, and recognize your feline overlord

"impress me" by louros

There’s nothing more metal than an evil kitty cat

"Skulls are for Pussies" by harebrained

Cat: “Wait a minute…I thought this was supposed to be an instruction manual.”

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by tobiasfonseca

One collar to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

"Saurpuss" by RonanLynam

Cat: “Bird? What bird? You mean that appetizer you put in that cage?”

"Black Cat" by AnnikaCoskey

Every cat owner is always accessorized with fur and scratches

"Cat Scratch" by kino18

How about a little human sashimi?

"Sushi Cat" by LenaS

The cat call of Cthulhu

"Cathulhu II" by angrymonk

Hope you weren’t planning on drinking that.

"Coffee Cat" by BootsBoots

Share your favorite evil cat tees in the comments.

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