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Chuck Jones on the Importance of Learning

A recent video from Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting has been making the rounds lately and I think it’s worth a share for you folks in the RB community.

The video focuses on Looney Tunes mastermind Chuck Jones and his advice for creating relatable characters who function as perfect joke delivery systems. While the entire video is a must-watch for not only illustrators and animators, but any person living the creative life, one bit toward the end struck me as very valuable.

In it, Jones says:

"Read everything. It doesn't do you much good to draw, unless you have something to draw. The only place you'll get anything to draw is out of that head. And the only way that you can exercise the mind is by bringing new ideas to it, so it'll be surprise. And say, 'god I didn't know that!' That's the greatest thing in the world, 'Gee, I didn't know that!' And there you are, you know?"

Watch the full video here:

Read. Then learn. Then create.

Good advice.

What books should we read? Let us know in the comments.

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