10 Tees for Your Totally Weird Best Friend

It’s Friendship Week, so we’re celebrating all of our favorite weirdos and dressing them in the finest of Redbubble t-shirts.

Let’s take notice of the folks we call friends, besties, baes, homies, mates, and partners in crime. Because without a doubt they’re our go-to guys and girls. We sob on their shoulders, raid their fridges, and steal borrow their stuff whenever we feel like it–and we’re happy to let them do the same. They dance with us when we triumph and they pick us up when we fall. We can depend on them to tell us the truth, or back us up with some killer lies. We count on them to say the right things at the right times, to honor our secrets, and most importantly, to keep us in line when we start taking ourselves a little too seriously. 

Below, we’ve put together the perfect collection of tees for any weird best friend. Got a photo of you and your best pal in Redbubble gear? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter or hashtag it #Redbubble! 

Okay, first, Instagram followers totally count. #Like4Like?

"You're A-OK!" by BeanePod

You just know certain friends were made for you.

"Best Friends" by Teo Zirinis

For the friend who makes questionable decisions… but you love ’em anyway.

"Confused Owl" by Sophie Corrigan

For the childhood friend you’ve grown up with… and will possibly experience THE END with as well.

"Bye Bye Apocalypse" by Budi Kwan

For the friend you just want to hold onto… and cherish… forever. Like a gigantic pickle.

"Hold The Pickle - American Oddities #3" by Will Ruocco

When you’re with this friend, you know it’s time to JAM.

"Dueling Crocodylidae" by Rowan Woodcock

We can make it through this caption without using a “cheesy” pun… we know we can… ch-chee…check out this grate design!

"Cheesy Friendship" by Teo Zirinis

What friend doesn’t this tee apply to?

"STAY WEIRD!" by BeanePod

Cuddle buddies: Our #1 favorite kind of friend.

"husky loves kitty" by znuese

For the friend you take on every illegal epic adventure, and somehow live to tell the tale.

"Epic combo #23" by Jonah Block

Who are you celebrating this week? Tell us which tee matches your friendship or share your favorite in the comments below.

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