10 Killer Shark Products to Help Celebrate Shark Week

It’s that time of year again. Time to shed all that makes us human and dive deep into the dark abyss to swim with our favorite machines of death. Yes, we’re talking about Discovery Channel’s tribute to nature’s perfect predators: Shark Week.

We gathered 10 of our favorite shark-centric products from the RB community that are perfect to sink your many rows of teeth into and better celebrate 7 days of cable-based aquatic mayhem.

“Taste the PAINbow” by Zillabean covers both your excitement about the recent Supreme Court ruling and Shark Week, so this one is a win-win.

This might be up for debate, but according to this Sophie Corrigan pouch, “Sharks Aren’t Evil.”

“Sharkasm” by Teo Zirinis features a joke from PUNder the sea.

The math checks out in redtutto’s “It’s right in the name…” Can’t argue with that.

Fun fact: the real reason sharks eat people is solely due to a lack of self-confidence. Don’t believe us, just check out Cara McGee’s factual “Don’t Look at Me” t-shirt.

If there’s one thing we know about sharks, it’s that they make amazing lumberjacks. Here’s proof in this “LumberJack Shark” throw pillow by nickv47.

Shark vs. Gorilla – Whoever wins, at least we’re guaranteed a “Jawesome!” time, thanks to ninjaink.

"Pretty Deadly" Pencil Skirt by LadyMeggieMan

Pretty sharks are still “Pretty Deadly”, just like they are in LadyMeggieMan’s skirt.

"Bear with Shark Arms!" T-Shirt by spud-17

This is an illustration of a bear with sharks for arms by spud-17. It is called “Bear with Shark Arms!” What else is left to say?

This “Shark Attack” iPhone case by filiskun would be terrifying if it wasn’t so darn gorgeous.

 Be sure to discuss the above works and share you favorite shark art in the comments.

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