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5 Styling Tips from Stylist Julie Matos

Redbubble’s line of fashionable apparel products is constantly growing and expanding. In the past few months we’ve released leggings, scarves, and pencil skirts, all of which can pair perfectly with our wide range of tops and accessories. In order to share some tips about how to make these independently designed goods work with any look, we spoke with Julie Matos, the stylist behind our Art in Motion video and lookbook.

When working on a project like Art in Motion, which is all about illustrating that style is never stationary, Julie had to choose her “weapons” carefully. She said, “Garments should have ease of movement. It’s all about the flow on the talent. It’s something I keep in mind while coming up with the concept and pulling looks.”

Here are 5 tips from Julie how to make your look shine with the addition of Redbubble products.

1. Scarves can have many uses

"I love to play with accessories. It’s important to have fun with your clothes! I love the unconventional ways of using scarves – tie it on your head, waist, wrist, etc. I believe you can rock any style if you wear it with confidence. The possibilities are endless."

2. Let leggings do the talking

"I like to layer leggings with a tank or a fun blazer. It all really depends on the style and mood you’re going for. You can dress them up or down and go from day to night with the right pieces. "

Julie Matos styling the "Avant Garde" look

3. T-Shirts can be fashionable

"I love to dress up a standard graphic tee. I might add a ball gown skirt, leather leggings or a funky blazer. Being that I live in such a casual city (Los Angeles), it isn’t uncommon to dress up a traditionally casual piece."

4. Play with patterns and prints

"I focus on a certain color within the print. I like to add pieces that complement that color, so as to match without being too “matchy matchy.” A little clash never hurt anybody. It adds interest to the overall outfit and keeps it fresh. "

"Behind the scenes of the Art in Motion Lookbook shoot

5. Think about motion

"Each activity requires different movement and a different range of motion. Aesthetics are of course a top priority, but so is comfort of the talent. If comfort is compromised the entire look of the shoot will suffer. Both have to work together in order to create a cohesive story."

Bonus: What’s Julie’s personal style?

"Eccentric-ecletcic. But don’t get me wrong - I love a classic piece. I like the unpredictable. I like to wear things no one else would think to style together. For example, it isn’t uncommon I mix vintage and contemporary pieces; throw on some chunky jewelry and funky shades and head out the door. A statement is always in style! "

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