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A Redbubbler Makes the Ultimate Commitment to RB Artist Jazzberryblue

Redbubble’s Events and Marketing Associate Dominic Taranto, really cemented his commitment to amazing RB artist Jazzberryblue in a very permanent way — by inking his left forearm with a tattoo inspired by “Control Panel 2,”  a work by the artist.

Redbubbler Dominic Taranto showing off his new art.

About his ink, Dom said:

“Working at Redbubble and being an artist myself means that I am spoiled by being surrounded by a talented and diverse collective of creative people. Jazzberryblue and I have been online friends for some time and without a doubt I am inspired by their work both personally and professionally.

The idea for the tattoo was a very natural process. A close tattoo buddy had done something similar with another Redbubble artist so I thought, ‘why not me?’ I have bought so many Jazzberryblue products in the past so it was obvious to me that I truly love their work. Not often do you get to know people that you consider to be true inspirations in life so I thought ‘why not make the ultimate commitment and carry a piece of their work with me forever?’

Esther Gonzalez, the tattoo artist, is a real prodigy and I believe the artistry of tattooing is misunderstood and underestimated at times. This is not the first time she has tattooed me, however this is my first coloured tattoo (something I said I would never do) which both excited Esther and myself. I cannot thank her enough for her talent and ability to honour Jazz’s work but also make me proud to wear it for ever more.

The whole process has been amazing, maybe I should make my arm an RB wall of fame?”

A close up of tattooist Esther Gonzalez's interpretation of Jazzberryblue's work

Jazzberryblue said:

“For my abstract works I really enjoy recycling and rearranging the most common of shapes and forms into uncommon patterns, creating recognizable but illegible languages while taking and giving back to the universe; so I am extremely honored to see that this image has been transformed further and given a new permanent home on Dom’s arm.

I was actually quite nervous for Dom when he first notified me of his plans. I imagined a typical, traditional illustration to be more suitable as a tattoo than an abstract pattern. Fortunately I was truly delighted to see Esther’s final translation, her intense saturation and addition of empty spaces is really wonderful and I am now inspired to continue reworking this design into a full series.

Thank you Dom and the whole Redbubble team for your constant encouragement while promoting true inspiration.”

Tattoo artist Esther Gonzalez said:

“I enjoyed doing it. It’s entirely different from anything I’d normally do. Definitely enjoyed tattooing Dom and being out of my comfort zone. It was nice, in a way, having to really concentrate on what I was doing for a change because it was a style I’d never done before.”

Pick up Jazzberryblue’s “Control Panel 2” on a wide range of products by clicking the image below.

"Control Panel 2" by Jazzberryblue

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