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Open Discussion: What’s the Most Inspirational Place for You?

Where do you go that makes you feel excited and invigorated to make artwork?

Is there that’s outside your usual comfort zone or daily life that’s drastically inspired you? Is it a national park, a great architectural wonder, the inside of a comet crater, or the dark corner of a local dive bar? Perhaps it’s the intimacy of your own studio, bedroom, or kitchen floor. Are there locations that cause a great shift within you that make you want to create something amazing?

"im happy." Spiral Notebook by GVLDBK

Most artists I know cite seeking new and great adventures as a source of inspiration, and perhaps road tripping or travel has been a source of wonder for you?

If you’ve stumbled across one place that has shocked your socks off and propelled you into an artistic frenzy, we want to hear about it in the comments below. Tell us where the most inspirational place is for you, and why.

Let’s discuss in the comments.