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Introducing the New Manage Portfolio Screen [UPDATED]

UPDATE: (6/26/15)

In regard to your total stats, they will return. We’ll update here and on the RB Site Updates forum with more specific details. In our forum, a few artists identified that this was something we might have to add in when the testing was available, but we didn’t think it should necessarily hold back the release of the update, so we chose forgo it. But rest assured, your total stats will be back.

We’ll also be fixing the layout of the groups and collections selection tool in your upload screens, ASAP. We’re aware that it is not ideal, and we’re on it.

For a bit more on the fixes, changes, and improvements coming to the manage portfolio screen, check out this forum post.

And please keep your comments coming. We want your experience on Redbubble to the best it can be, so please know, that we are listening, and we value your opinions. Thanks!


One of the latest updates to Redbubble makes it easier than ever for artists to edit and manage their works. The new Manage Portfolio screen—which is now optimized for mobile viewing—allows artists to upload new works, easily manage their collections, search their published works, and now edit specific details of multiple works at once.

Let’s take a quick video tour of how these new features work.

And if you’re more into words:

Starting at the top, you will notice you have the ability to switch between editing “Works” and “Collections.” Underneath this is a checkbox that will allow you to quickly select all of your works at once, and a search bar that will allow you to search your published works. Next to the “Upload New Work” button is the new “Quick Edit” button, which will allow you to bulk edit the titles and tags of your works. Remember to save as you go.

In the “Works” tab, all of your designs are now displayed in a simple and clean grid. Each thumbnail has the following features:

  • Details below the images showing number of comments, sales, favorites, and views
  • A checkbox on the left to select the current image. You will notice a drop down appears under the search bar which allows you to: delete the work, add it to a specific collection, change which products it’s available on, change the default view, make it public or private, and mark it as mature if needed. The great part is, this selection bar will also edit multiple works at once.
  • If your work is marked private, you will notice a “lock” icon on the right
  • On the top right is a “gear” icon, which will allow to you view the work, make further edits, delete, or mark the work public, as well as mark it mature.

You can now add works to a collection in a few ways. When you select one or more works, you can use the drop down to add them to a collection, or you can add them to the collection from the individual edit pages — this is also where you can add your work to groups.

On the “Collections” tab, you can change the order of your collection by clicking and dragging it into the order you wish it to be displayed on your profile. Each collection has a checkbox and a gear icon. When you click the gear icon you will be taken to a screen that allows you to change the title, description, default order, and thumbnail styles.

Below this you will see the individual works in that collection. You can remove these works by either clicking the gear icon, or selecting them via the checkbox, and then clicking the “Remove from Collection” button that shows up next to the “Select All” checkbox.

We hope the new Manage Portfolio screen will help you curate your collection, update your existing works, and most importantly, save time so that you can work on new exciting products to offer your fans.

Click here for additional information on how to use the new Manage Portfolio page.

What do you think of the new manage portfolio screen? Did you find the video tutorial helpful? Please let us know in the comments.

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