Father’s Day Gifts for the Coolest Dads Ever

Some people think that becoming a dad means putting away the toys, wearing your phone in a holster, and trading in your cool car for a minivan. But Redbubble knows that’s not true! Being a dad means having an excuse to play with toys, keeping your phone in a rad case, and… well… the minivan part is probably still true, but at least you can put stickers all over it.

Here’s to all the cool dads who know that life only gets more colorful once you add kids.

The Badass

He’s Dad to the bone! Sure, he might have had to trade his motorcycle for a mortgage, but that doesn’t mean he lost his edge. Help Pop get in touch with the young rebel inside with this “Untitled” metal print by Guloo, “Death is Metal” phone case by obinsun, or “THE DAD” t-shirt by andbloom.

The Geek

Luke, this is your father. To be honest, this dad mostly had kids for the opportunity to re-live childhood. It’s a great excuse to re-watch the original Star Wars trilogy or play video games all night. Honor your geeky dad with a “NI!” phone case by badOdds, “Robothood” laptop skin by annisatiarau, or “The Daily Grind” t-shirt by Haasbroek.

The “Manly” Man

Dad Bod” is really having a moment right now, and it’s a perfect celebration of the classic BBQ-flipping, fix-it-all, toss the ol’ pigskin around kinda father. If your old man has duct tape at the ready, helps you with oil changes, and can build a mean science fair project, the “Grilla” phone case by Sophie Corrigan, “Touchdown! (How Football works, as I Understand It)” mug by BootsBoots, or “Good morning!” t-shirt by Alexander Medvedev are the gifts for him.

The Fitness Freak

On the flip side, this dude is all about the gym, watches his carb intake, and spends his weekends cycling, hiking, swimming, or dragging you along on over-ambitious camping trips. Find something here to keep that energy going for years to come, like the “Bicycle building” t-shirt by Sam Brewster, “WORTH THE CLIMB” drawstring bag by cabinsupplyco, or “Carpe Diem.” t-shirt by TheLoveShop.


Add your favorite Father’s Day artwork or discuss the above works in the comments below.

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