Inside Redbubble

$15.5 Million is A Lot of Money

We are proud to announce that Redbubble raised $15.5M (in Aussie dollars) in funding. Investors include Melbourne-based Acorn Capital, and London-based specialist marketplace investor Piton Capital.

What this means is that we are going to continue to expand our offerings for artists to provide them with even more ways to get even more wonderful products to even more people. European expansion and product diversity top our list of things to do, along with growing the reach of Redbubble so more people can frolic in the delights that are here.

As we know, great things are not made quickly, and while Redbubble is now over 8 years old, we are at the start of the journey.

It’s true that there are still many people in the world who don’t know about Redbubble’s leggings, mugs, or t-shirts that feature the work of thousands of brilliant independent artists that reflects both the artists’ and the buyers’ individuality. We must address this truth by reaching into every computer and mobile phone on the planet to make a connection. We want to spread the joy of creative individualism. This is our task, and we are up to the challenge.

[Header image: “Art Gang” by Karl James Mountford]