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5 Designs that Make for Beautiful Skirts

Redbubble has launched mini skirts. A stretchy new product that is reminiscent of a classic design while primed for a modern print. We are so excited to see how our artists will create imagery for this new product.

Mini skirt details t0 keep in mind:

  • Upload artwork at 2152 x 2502 pixels
  • Full print front and back
  • Made from 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane with a stretch waistband

Below we have listed a few of our favorite ways to design for this new product. It wouldn’t be complete without lovely examples by some very talented artists from the community.

Be sure to click on the images below to see more details about the featured skirts.

1. Horizontal

Creating a design that is horizontal and makes use of layers is a wonderful way to play with the edges of the mini skirt pattern.  A kitten unraveling a faux knit skirt is a clever use of lining the a skirts hem with an interesting detail.

Examples include “Green Leaves” by marboe, “Aztec geometric seamless colorful pattern” by tomuato, and “Unravel” by littleclyde.

2. Diagonal

These works create diagonal lines across the body, giving the skirt an aesthetically pleasing, asymmetrical look.

The works “The Great Wave of French Bulldog” by huebucket,  “A Thousand Stars” by tangerine-tane, and “Bicycle race” by sambrewster are excellent examples of how this layout can be executed in interesting ways.


3. Trompe L’oeil

Trompe L’oeil is an art technique meaning “to deceive the eye.” You’ve seen this idea translated on other fashion products. Leggings made to look like mermaid scales, iPhone cases that look like a candy bar, or t-shirts with printed collars and buttons. These surreal designs make use of the skirt template to create cleaver transformations.

The works  “Skull” by tracieandrews, “Tiger” by nicebleed, and “Strawberry” by kakel show how your go to skirt can now also be a vector based skeleton, a whiskery feline, or your favorite fruit.


4. Grid

Taking a page out of a graphic designers handbook, these works make use of a grid layout to create a strong design with visual harmony.

Structurally sound examples include “As Seen From My WIndow” by againstbound, “Coral Herringbone” by catcoq, and “Nature Inspired Leaves” by elenor27.

5. The Rule of Thirds

It is important to keep in mind where the focal point of potential skirt artwork will lay on the body. An ascetically pleasing way to do this is to apply the rule of thirds. This is where you split an image into three equal parts and put the main focus where the lines intersect. Simply put, keep the focal point out of dead center.

The works  “Another Earth” by djunotomsni“Burrowing owls and cacti vector illustration” by ga-studio, and “FIRST HOPE” by balticlapse show how it’s done.

How will you design for mini skirts? What is your favorite? Share your thoughts or tips in the comments below.

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