15 Perfect Drawstring Bags for 5 Different Uses

Drawstring Bags are another exciting product that we’ve added to our growing suite of creative goodies. Paired right alongside studio pouches and tote bags, this unique carry-all is sure to fit many uses.

We have selected a few ways that you and your fans can utilize these high-quality bags. For the artists in the house, it’s important to keep in mind who your customer is and how they will use your product when designing for drawstring bags. It’s always nice to have a bag filled with all the daily essentials that perfectly suits the environment

Beach Bound

Perfect for carrying a book, shades, sunscreen, and a towel, these designs are ready to hit the sand and surf. Oceanside friendly works include “Pineapple” by kakel,  “The Sea, the Sea” by Cassia, and “Ocean and Love” by Huebucket.


Cool Cyclist

For the two-wheeled aficionados, a drawstring bag can cart groceries from the market, carry a jacket, or hold your helmet when you stop off for a break. The bags are similar in size to a brown paper bag, but super easy to carry while pedaling. A few favorites include: “Go west – cycling” by Budi Satria Kwan, “All around the World” by buko, and  “Pacific Northwest Bike – Pine Tree Bicycle – Cycling” by CorrieJacobs.

Classy Student

Ready for jetting from class to class while carrying all your smarty-pants tools like books and computers and calcuators and whatnot? Then these bags will do the trick. Check out “DREAM BIG WORK HARD” by snevi, “Art is hard” by Budi Satria Kwan, and “I ❤ Donuts” by Sophie Corrigan.

Workout Warrior

Magically staying motivated, this fitness guru is sure to love these bags for all their workout needs. Designs to stand out while hustling to the gym include “Bear Gains” by wonderwaffle, “You & Me” by chyworks, and “ Clear PANDA ACTION” by AnishaCreations.

Weekend Hiker

A hiker will need a perfect lightweight bag to carry along a water bottle, trail mix, sunscreen, and more. Choice designs for those into the outdoors scene include “Botanical Stripes 5″ by beverlylefevre“Cabin Supply” by cabinsupplyco, and .“Quiet night starry sky” by Budi Satria Kwan.

How do you see drawstring bags being used? What designs do you think need to come along for the ride?

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