10 Rocking Music T-Shirts to Wear to Shows

When going to a concert, you might be tempted to wear the shirt of the band that you’re going to see, but as James ‘Droz’ Andrews said in the underrated comedy classic, PCU, “Don’t be that guy.” It’s just not cool. So to help you avoid the embarrassment of being “that guy” we’ve collected 10 killer original music t-shirts from the Redbubble community that you can wear to the next show.

"Amplified"by JoeConde

"Bonebeard Bladdersplatter - Lord of Rock" by Douglas Holgate

"the broken guitar" by Saksham Amrendra

"The Blues..." by Douglas Holgate

"Stolen Air Guitar" by Diesel Laws

"The Sound of Nature - White" by zomboy

"Skullboys' Banjo Blues" by matthewdunnart

"Bear & Fox" by Sophie Corrigan

"vinyl drip" by vinpez

"Killer Tune" by buko

Want to share your original or favorite rock tee? Go for it in the comments below.

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