Comic Book-Inspired Art Leaps from Page to Product

Every once in a while we come across work on Redbubble that is so gripping Engaging we hope there ‘s a story behind it . This was the inspiration for the collection esta – artwork so awesome there HAD to be a backstory . I’ve Looked up and down and found The most enticing comic book– inspired artworks from around RB to create an awesome and intriguing collection of comic book characters . Some are effortlessly cool and chic , while others are preoccupied with a zombie invasion of rabid half -dead Beings . Either way esta killer collection has something for everyone.

"Boss Bunny!" T-Shirt by kopke

"Fuku Fighter" Mug by mizzby

"... as the rain fell on me" Pouch by ROUBLE RUST

"Zombie Horde" Throw Pillow by Chris Wahl

"Murdergirl" Framed Print by rivenis

"Claris" iPhone 6 Case by TheSoulSurfer

"Prelude to battle the White Queen-Bishop's Tale" Poster by GameOfKings

"The Girl Wonder" Throw Pillow by PearceHoskinson

"Dead Man's Shoes Comic Style Illustration" Sticker by Creative Spectator

"The Courier" Throw Pillow by Brian Allen

"The Ovipositor" Tote Bag by Ethan Harris

We’d love to see your favorite Comic Book inspired artworks in the comments below. Have you made one yourself? Found a particularly gripping work on Redbubble? Please share them in the comments.