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Inside the Sketchbooks of our Artists-in-Residence

Every artist has their own way of doing things, and the contents of their sketchbook are often an interesting indication of the masterpieces they’re about to create. We took a snapshot of the sketchbooks that belong to our artists-in-residence Creature Creature, Andy Thomas, and Marian Machismo and as you’ll see, each gives an indication to their different working styles, scribbles, and imaginations. So take a video tour of the sketchy work of our talented artists-in-residence.

Find more of Creature Creature’s collaborative pieces on their Redbubble profile.

Find more of Andy Thomas’ nature inspired, psychedelic wonders on his Redbubble profile.

Find more of Marian Machismo’s doodles and flash drawings on her Redbubble profile.

Redbubble’s artists-in-residence will be showcasing their work at No Vacancy Gallery in Federation Square from May 28. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

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Jen Durant

Redbubble Artist Relationship Manager