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5 Types of Designs that are Perfect for Scarves

Recently, we launched scarves. These sheer accessories of square shape and large size are a wonderful product to showcase artists’ work across a moving canvas.

Scarf details to keep in mind when designing:

  • Upload artwork at 5748 x 5748 pixels
  • When printed, scarves measures 140cm x 140cm
  • Made from a light chiffon fabric
  • Full print is visible on the front and reverse

Below we have curated five of our favorite types of designs that make for some nice looking scarves. We’ve found combining traditional and modern scarf aesthetics makes for some beautifully unique designs.

Be sure to click on the images below to see more details about the featured scarves.

"Shades of Pink" Scarf by Cassia

1. Color Blocking

When wearing a scarf, it’s often difficult to clearly see the entire artwork. Using designs that contain large, color blocked areas made of shades that work well together ensures when the product is folded or twisted, it remains appealing.

Examples of how this can be executed include: “Graphic 169” by marboe,  “Pineapple” by kakel, and “Safe Distance” by ericpetersen.

2. Border

Classic scarves like those created by Hermes are often designed in a way where there is a border that goes all the way around the outside edge. The Redbubble designs “Lace & Shadows – soft sage grey & white Moroccan doodle” by micklyn,  “Graphic 104” by marboe, and “In Love” by rose1122 are examples of how to create interesting borders using scarf edges lined with pattern.

3. Central Image

Using designs that have a central image does the reverse of having an artwork with a detailed border. The contrasting colored edges create a line that draws attention to the interior image.

Beautiful examples of this can be found in  “Nature beauty” by infloence“Seagulls – Bird Art, Coastal Nautical Summer Bird Print” and “Safari Tiger” by papersparrow.

4. Landscape

Due to the size of our scarves, it’s important to upload images that are very high resolution. The featured artists have done a wonderful job editing landscape images so that they are of high enough quality to print.

The works “The Family” by hotamr“It Seemed To Chase the Darkness Away (Guardian Moon / Winter Moon)” by soaringanchor, and “Castles In The Sand” by perkinsdesigns make use the natural layering of color in a landscape to create a wearable piece of artwork.

5. Pattern

As stated above, scarves require a large pixel size. A simple yet effective way to create works are high enough resolution is to use the tiling function when uploading.

These designs  “Sailor” by seasidespirit, “tropical floral” by lauragraves, and “Falling Leaves” by foto-ella are excellent examples in varying pattern size.


What types of scarf designs do you like? Share your thoughts or tips in the comments below.

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